Repair of Piles, Piers & Columns with Carbon FRP


Carbon FRP Can Revolutionize the Way Piles & Piers are Repaired, Retrofitted and Strengthened

A novel approach presented by Professor Mo Ehsani that uses carbon or glass FRP to repair and strengthen piers leads to significant construction savings in time and materials. Pioneered by Prof. Ehsani since the 1980s, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products are applied like wallpaper, reaching three times the strength of steel in 24 hours! Bridges often require repair and/or strengthening due to corrosion of reinforcing steel and general deterioration of materials, as well as structural modifications. Design and construction with conventional materials lead to expensive and time-consuming solutions.

In addition, our latest patented technology offers unique solutions for repair and retrofit of columns, piling, utility poles, including corrosion-damaged underwater piles. There are also short videos of pile repairs on that website for your viewing. Below are a few recent publications that show the application of this product:

  • Repair of Columns with Carbon FRP Laminates By Mo Ehsani, Majid Farahani, and Eric Raatz, Structure Magazine, January 2012, pp. 35-37.
  • Miami Building First to Benefit from Innovative Pile Jacket By Mo Ehsani, and Abhi Tipnis, Concrete Repair Bulletin, July/August 2011.
  • A Novel Solution for Restoration of Deteriorated Piles By Mo Ehsani, and Mark Croarkin, Modern Contractor Solutions, A two-part article published in June and July 2011 issues.
  • A Novel Solution for Restoration of Deteriorated Piles By Mo Ehsani, and Mark Croarkin, Government Engineering Magazine, March-April 2011
  • We invite you to watch videos of our find installations on this site to become more familiar with how PileMedicâ„¢ can repair your timber piles.